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Welding robots Yaskawa MOTOMAN AR-Series

The MOTOMAN AR Series Robots provide outstanding speed and accuracy for all kinds of demanding arc welding and thermal cutting applications, supporting all kind of welding and cutting methods and equipment.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN AR - series

Handling & Assembly Robots GP-Series

The Motoman GP series is a portfolio of multi-purpose, 6-axis industrial robots in a payload range between 4 to 600 kg.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN GP - series

Collaborative robots HC-Series

MOTOMAN HC Series robots are 6 axes human-collaborative robots (cobots) with a payload of 10-20 kg. Operator’s safety is assured by a Power and Force Limit technology that stops the robot in case of contact with an operator.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN HC - series

Palletizing robots Yaskawa MOTOMAN PL/MPL-Series

PL-serie: The brand new MOTOMAN PL series robots covers a range of powerful 4-Axis Palletizing robots in a payload range from 190 to 800 kg.

MPL-серия: 4-/5-Axis palletizing robots in payload/reach combinations from 80 to 800 kg (payload) and 2.0m to 3.15m.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN PL/MPL - series

Painting robots Yaskawa MOTOMAN MPX/MPO-Series

MPX Series painting robots and MPO Series door opener robots are professional equipment for painting and powder coating booths.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN MPX/MPO - series

Pick & Place robots Yaskawa MOTOMAN SG/MPP-Series

SG Series – With their high performance, SG Series SCARA robots enable extremely fast and precise operation for small part pick & place and part sortation.

MPP серия – MOTOMAN MPP is a series of 4-axis high-speed delta robots – nimble, accurate and efficient.

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Yaskawa MOTOMAN SG/MPP - series

Positioners, tracks and gantries

YaskawaYaskawa provides an unrivalled rich portolio of standard and customized workpiece positioners with 1 to 7 axes. Robot tracks and swivelling robot bases extend the action area of robots. Extending the robot’s working envelope with excellent accuracy and full integration with the robot’s control system.

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Yaskawa Positioners, tracks and gantries

Motoman Robots – Plug & Play!

Smart Series Robot Benefits


User-friendly setup and deployment out of the box

Perfect for customers that are new to robotics or looking for an easy automation solution.

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Yaskawa - Smart series

Yaskawa – MotoSim EG-VRC – software

The powerful simulation software MotoSim EG-VRC enables offline programming of complex systems, minimizes setup-times and offers advanced control functions and simulation of the Yaskawa product family including robots, gantries, tracks and positioners.

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Yaskawa - MotoSim EG-VRC - software








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